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Food and Community…

Hmm… new DIY – Do It Yourself movement? Or, simply back to basics?

Everyone remembers at least someone cooking in the kitchen when they were children… A mother, a father, grandparents?

And we all had our favorite home-cooked meals (mine was Chicken Cordon Bleu and my Mom’s Navy Beans and Ham). Simple, yet delicious food. We remember family gatherings – Sunday Suppers, Memorial Day BBQ’s, Christmas (cookies, of course! Kids are making them in the pics), Passover (if you need to know, my husband is Jewish and we’re raising our kids Jewish, but still celebrating Christmas – don’t judge), and of course, Thanksgiving!!!

Food equaled Community.

So then why as parents, that isn’t the case anymore? Why are we so isolated?

My parents are divorced, my husband’s parents are divorced – and everyone’s scattered around the country. It’s up to us to forge our own groups, make connections with others, and develop a new community.

I think it’s so important for parents to be part of a food community of some sort. Whether it’s Make-Ahead Mamas, the Slow Food movement, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Community, or Punk Domestics, there’s a need for us parents to be connected with others especially around food.

When I became a parent, I felt so isolated, so overwhelmed, and pretty much all around terrified. I thought of myself incredibly educated, fashionable, and extremely capable and confident before kids, and then instantly felt like a fat, awkward teenager again after the birth of my daughter. That first year was exhausting, and although happy, the highs were combined with incredible lows. I started learning a new side of myself, a side that I thought I buried long ago in middle school.

I’ve been a part of the Make-Ahead Mamas cooking group since the birth of my second child in 2007 – over four years ago – and I’m still learning new recipes, and new tips/techniques from the other ladies. I’m also learning about new “kid-friendly” food options, or new ways to hide much needed nutrients in my kids’ meals. (Due to a suggestion from another mom in the group, I now call broccoli “trees” and cauliflower “snow trees” to get my toddler eat his veggies… and it works!)

I’m always learning, and like it or not, being challenged. And because of the cooking group, I’m really enjoying my new role in life as the primary chef/cook for my family of five.

Cheers! 😉


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